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Sammy's Hot Mess! is a delivery-focused concept that's all about the comfort food. Southern classics such as chicken & waffles and mac & cheese are the mainstays, but each week new items will be added to the menu. We will be diving into the rolodexes of our family recipes to bring some outstanding, weird and one-of-a-kind dishes right to your sofa.

And in case you were wondering, the most bomb mac & cheese is made with Velveeta and has little pieces of hot dogs in that bitch!

So sit back, take a load off, clear your mind. Put on some soothing tunes, perhaps an Outkast record, and rest easy knowing that Sammy's is bringin' it home tonight!

Sammy's delivers through Uber Eats & Skip the Dishes in the Calgary metro Area.

5PM - 1030PM Wednesday-Sunday

“The experience of ordering in should be not unlike Christmas morning; the eager anticipation, the opening of the boxes, and the joy of seeing what’s inside.”
— Sammy

A Note On Our 'Why'


The food landscape has changed rapidly in recent years with the explosion of delivery apps. With Sammy's, we built a delivery-only concept in order to improve on the dine-in experience. We focus on foods that travel well, hold their heat, and arrive at your door looking as splendid as they do in the photographs. If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied by your experience, please, let us know! Send us an email through the site and we will respond promptly.


“Seriously the best chicken & waffles I’ve ever tasted, hands down!”
“The food arrived in minutes, was piping hot, and tasted amazing!”
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Chicken & Waffles from Sammy's Hot Mess

Chicken & Waffles from Sammy's Hot Mess

How is sammy's chicken so damn crispy?


Well, fam, that comes down to trial and error! We've tried a lot of techniques, and we've finally settled on the perfect combination of flour, buttermilk and bread crumbs to give our chicken that crunchy, delectable taste!

But the cut of meat is important as well! We find boneless chicken thighs are perfect for Chicken & Waffles. No bone means no fuss eating, and it fries faster. And thighs have a nice mixture of light and dark meat. Rich, tender and delicious.

Frying chicken? Here are a few tips:

Coat chicken in flour, and set in fridge for about an hour. Re-coat in flour, dip in buttermilk and bread crumbs, and fry in hot oil (370 f) for about five minutes. Let dry on a baking rack so it doesn't get soggy! Can hold at low temp in the oven for about an hour before serving!


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The Buttermilk Breakfast with Ham & Cinnamon Bun Waffles

The Buttermilk Breakfast with Ham & Cinnamon Bun Waffles

Those Waffles are the bomb! what's that all about?


Well, Sammy's happens to know a thing or two about waffles. Sammy's is the kid brother of Buttermilk Fine Waffles, founded in 2015 with the mission of bringing Aunt Shannon's life-changing light and fluffy buttermilk waffles to the people! Three years in, Buttermilk has built a following of loyal waffle-lovers. 

Buttermilk is open seven days a week, serving both sweet and savoury waffles in a myriad of styles. Come check us out!

330 17 Ave SW


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Kickback with some Sammy's and a flick. We know you're on the grind. Heck, it wasn't easy pushing all those buttons on Uber Eats, either! So we put together a few movie ideas for you that we find to be inspired viewing. We hope you enjoy!


Mood: School again?

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Three friends cut class in legendary fashion. Undisputedly Ben Stein's best performance. He was robbed of an Oscar. Some dude named Michael Caine won it instead. 

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Mood: Let's Go To Space

October Sky

What if we launched a rocket? Let's just do it and be legends. 



Mood: Epic

Legends Of The Fall

Good movie for wondering how people lived without an iPhone or learning to speak Cornish. 


Looking for that special someone!


Sammy's is growing, and we need the right type of person to help us get where we are going! If you fit the description below, please send us a message! Your past work experience should cover a number of the bullet points below. Please have resume and references available.

Job Description: Basic cooking, preparing food for delivery orders from Uber and Skip the Dishes. Meeting drivers at door to hand off orders. Cleaning kitchen at end of shift.

Schedule: Wednesday - Sunday from 5:00PM - 12:30AM (2:30AM Friday and Saturday)

Compensation: $18 per hour + $1 per order 

Vacation: 3 weeks per year

-Fluent in English, both written and spoken.

-Enjoys working alone and taking full responsibility for role.

-Has completed a food safety course.

-Is knowledgable about cooking, food handling, and operating kitchen equipment.

-Is comfortable to work alone in downtown core in evening. Note: Restaurant door will be locked between orders.

-Is organized and able to handle many orders/activities at once, and to work under pressure, time constraints.


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